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Steel Joists, also know as Bar Joists have been around for decades.  Companies like The Nucor Vulcraft Group, Valley Joist, Inc.,  Quincy Joist Company, and others have been providing design tables and fully fabricated product.  They are a strong, durable product when properly engineered.  Rusk Component and Design has recently discovered through our small customer base that though the Bar Joist system works well for most of their projects, delivery times are detrimental to their schedules due to long lead times that seem to occur out west here, especially in Colorado and Wyoming. 

Rusk Component and Design has come up with an alternative solution to help the smaller local contractor make his schedule by introducing a cold formed steel bar truss system.   We can design your flat roof/floor system using current software and design techniques and the latest applicable codes.  Specific wind loads, snow loads, drift loads, and any other specialty loads can be incorporated into the truss design on an individual basis.  A full design and fabrication package is provided to the contractor for all submittal, review, and finally, installation of the system.

Click on the spread sheet link, the BJK, or BJL pictures below to see samples of these alternative bar trusses and the basic load roof loads they can hold.  For a specific project just contact Rusk Component and Design and we can provide you a price and basic layout for you to use in your decision making process.

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