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Roof Trusses are utilized in single family ,multi-family, and commercial construction projects.  These trusses can form any roof geometry that an equivalent metal plate connector (MPC) wood truss can.  In addition, by utilizing a 25 percent recycled steel content in member materials (CEMCO materials are used) two LEED points can be achieved just by using cold formed steel trusses from Rusk Component and Design.  Cold Formed Steel Roof Trusses provide fire protection superior to that of an MPC wood truss.  Spacing of trusses can be as little as 16 inches on center or, depending on loads and decking, can be pushed to 8 feet or more on center spacing.  Rusk Component and Design is proud to offer a cold formed steel roof truss product package that not only includes the truss component but all permanent installation materials including fasteners creating a full one stop package.  Just click on the pictures below to see some sample designs from short spans to long spans.  For any specific design project contact Rusk Component and Design for a design quote to ensure the best price and proper roof design.

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