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Metal Plate Connector Wood Trusses are widely used in residential construction as well as low rise commercial construction.  Rusk Component and Design provides full design and product for these markets in two parts.  Full Design and project management for the wood roof with regards to trusses.  We also provide the finished product through a sub-contractor that provides quality fabrication.  Rusk Component and Design Oversees the fabrication process from raw material to delivery of finished product. 

Residential trusses are provided with engineered designs, fully fabricated truss components, and required truss hardware as well as full customer service to the customer to ensure efficient and accurate installation of the finished product.

Low Rise Commercial trusses are provided with the same products and services as the Residential trusses but, Rusk Component and Design goes one step further and provides additional installation materials.  These materials include, but are not limited to, permanent web and chord bracing, gable outlookers and eave members, sub-fascia members, truss blocking, and other items that are specific to a project.  All these items are checked in design and can be backed up with structural calculations.  This insures that the customer can concentrate on installation and not submitting paper proving that the additional materials are adequate by design.


Metal Plate Connector Wood Roof Trusses


Metal Plate Connector Wood Floor Trusses


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