Cold Formed Steel Trusses

Cold Formed Steel Trusses are a great alternative to metal connector plate wood trusses.  Recycled materials are used in the raw steel which helps in meeting LEED point criteria requirements.  Cold Formed Steel holds up well against fire especially when part of an approved assembly as specified by UL.  With Cold formed steel we can provide complicated roof geometries similar to metal plate connector wood roof trusses as well as compete against bar joist truss systems.  We can even provide a floor truss product comparable to that of metal plate connector wood floor trusses.

Cold Formed Steel Truss Advantages:

  • 25% recycled steel content generating a minimum of two (2) LEED Points.
  • Able to achieve roof geometries similar to that of wood trusses.
  • Truss connections similar to wood connections.
  • Excellent fire resistance, especially when utilizing UL rated assemblies.
  • Can achieve large spacings. Limits are by design load combined with economy as well as roof deck spans.